Month: May 2017

How can you profit from laser engraving?

Laser engraving is when you use a laser (electric) to leave a mark on an material that otherwise would not be possible to, like metal, hard plastics. In recent times, it’s become greatly profitable to do laser engravings on jewelry and semi-precious stones. So you’ve read the last article, advising about buying the best laser engraver. It’s now time to start using it. So how can you make money from laser engravings? Here are tips and trade secrets to help you get a leg up in the lucrative business.

How is the laser engraving done?

Nowadays it can be done in the comfort of your own home! You can use a CO2 laser engraver machine like the Epilog Laser. Using a similar technology to a printer, a CO2 laser beams a design onto the desired material and engraves or cuts into it.

The laser is a CO2 laser cutter, typically between 30 to 120 watts in power. There are a wide variety of engraving materials one can choose including wood, acrylic, plastic, glass, leather, fabric, metal and ceramics. The materials a laser cutter machine can cut include wood, denim, plastic and leather.

How can you profit from CO2 laser engraving?

A lot of industries require precise cutting and engraving. Look at industries that require name badges and plaques. Sports associations, service-driven companies like airlines and transport hubs need name badges and plaques in metal and plastics. Simply offering your services to a small sports club or small franchise requiring a number of items to be engraved can help you rake in lots of money.

Industries that require barcodes also need CO2 laser engraving and cutting. Shops, restaurants, airports, gas stations and more would benefit from your CO2 laser engraver. Even just going to your local parking lot and offering your services can be beneficial.

Wood is often a difficult material to cut accurately, even with a chisel. The vertical fibers often make an engraving look more splintered than it should. No longer with your CO2 laser cutter! You can offer your services to vineyards and wineries who often use wood for their casks and promotional gift sets. You can also offer your services to cheese factories or other food manufacturers who require laser prints or stamps on their food.

Steel products and objects are often difficult due to their durable qualities which means they will wear down the material intended to engrave on the steel surface! No longer, with the CO2 laser engraver. Because it uses electricity and laser, it is almost burnt onto its services.


CO2 laser cutters are used in a variety of ways by engraving or etching on a pattern or design onto materials that previously would have been difficult to engrave, like metal and wood. Many industries can use your CO2 laser engraving like food and beverages, services, sports associations and more.