What Can You Do with laser cutter machines and laser engraver machines?

There has been a great use of lasers for different purposes. Some of the types of lasers that are available in the market most commonly CO2 lasers, and fiber lasers. Each are quiet flexible but at the same time have different purposes and uses. The work is performed by the use of laser cutter machines and laser engraver machines.   We utilize our machine shop for CNC and laser equipment.   Our technicians are more than capable to help you conceptualize, innovate and bring to life an affordable manufacturing solution that stays in budget.

What are laser cutter machines?

The laser is being used for many purposes. One of the purposes and maybe the coolest things to watch a laser do is cut material.  The cutting is performed with the aid of powerful light being emitted from a power source or ‘laser tube’. The laser cutter machines perform this work with the aid of different processes. Some of these processes include vaporizing cutting, thermal stress cracking, reactive cutting, melt and blow and stealth dicing of silicon wafers.

Efficacy of laser cutter machines

The efficacy of laser cutter machines depends on its power and speed. Te another variable that affects its efficacy is the thickness of the material that is needed to be cut. The new laser cutter machine available in the market has a repeatability of 5 micrometers and accuracy of positioning as 10 micrometers.

Laser engraver machines

The laser engraving is the art of imposing writings and images on different surfaces. This work is performed with the aid of Laser engraver machine. The laser from the laser engraver machine is emitted as a beam via a controller. The controller controls direction, speed, intensity, and spread of the beam.

What is CO2 laser engraver?

The CO2 laser engraver is the lasers which use CO2 for its working and is used for engraving of various materials like plastic, wood, ceramics, or commonly referred to as organic materials.  These lasers are growing in demand with hobbyist and industrial shops across the world.  They’re used in various industries from metal fabrication and auto to sign and wood working businesses.  Many artists find great uses for designing materials by using a laser cutter according to Boss Laser.

CO2 lasers have the advantage of being highly efficient and have the best beam in quality. They usually have the wavelength of 10.6 micro meters. This can be used on various materials mostly the nonmetallic and even on plastics. Provide smooth engraving edges on the materials.

Fiber lasers

These are of course lasers which are also known as seed lasers. The laser that is generated is amplified with the aid of glass fiber. They have 1000 times more intensity than CO2 lasers and a much smaller spot size.  They are more efficient with marking or cutting metal up to a certain thickness.

Fiber laser cutting machine

The fiber laser cutting machine is another laser cutter machine that can cut any material with neatness. They use fiber lasers for the performance of the work of cutting. Fiber laser cutting machines are highly efficient and are getting famous for producing small spot size which makes them ideal for cutting of reflective materials like aluminum, copper, or brass.  But, fiber technology has also been used on dark acrylics.

Retailers of laser engraver machines and laser cutter machines

Some of the retailers who deal in the provision of quality laser engraver machines are given below:

  • Trumpf
  • Trotec
  • Epilog lasers
  • Boss Laser
  • Universal Laser
  • LaserPro
  • Gravograph
  • HPC lasers
  • Foba Laser
  • CTR lasers

The laser cutter machines and laser engraver machines are widely used in different fields. They provide the fine, intricate work which is not possible with other tools such as CNC router. Fiber laser cutting machines are found to be most efficient with etching and cutting metals.