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What materials should not be cut with a laser cutter?

Laser cutter machines like most equipment have a specific material that it works with. There are materials you should not process with a laser machine.  Even though laser machines can handle an expansive scope of materials, now and again, a client requests that we make material testing on a thing that isn’t produced using laserable material. 

Specific kinds of material ought not to be engraved or laser with a laser because of their substance make-up. Laser preparing these materials makes risky gases or residue. Read more.

Watch out for “flame resistant” materials 

Know about fabrics and different materials that are marked as “fire-resistant.” Because they regularly incorporate bromine, they are not laserable materials. For fire-resistant materials, it is ideal for getting some information about the specific fixings. 

What makes a material not appropriate for laser engravers and cutting? 

If the materials recorded above are laser engraved or laser cutter, tidies or gases might be created that imperil the laser client or the usefulness of the laser machine. Thus, we prescribe that you select an alternate laser material for your application. 

Here is a rundown of materials that are not laserable: 

  • Leather and counterfeit cowhide that contains chromium (VI) 
  • Carbon filaments (Carbon) 
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) 
  • Polyvinyl butyrale (PVB) 
  • Polytetrafluoroethylenes (PTFE/Teflon) 
  • Beryllium oxide 
  • Any materials containing incandescent lamp (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine), epoxy or phenolic pitches 

Care ought to be taken with the accompanying materials the incorporate Manganese, Chromium, Nickel, Cobalt, Copper, and Lead. 

What fabrics can be laser cut? 

The filaments can be regular, for example, fleece or cotton, or they can be counterfeit, for example, nylon or polyester. Almost entirely woven fabrics can be handled by a laser cutter. A few materials, for example, felt and downs can be prepared by laser etching and laser checking too. One critical application for texture is finished. 

Laser cutting is one of the numerous procedures that have seen a considerable more across the board use over ongoing years. A significant number of the laser-based methods have comparative advantages and applications, and as one laser machine can play out various procedures, it tends to be hard knowing precisely which one could be directly for your business. 

To make this somewhat more straightforward, we have investigated the procedure in more exceptional detail underneath, taking a gander at how the procedural functions, the various kinds of laser cutting, its focal points, and where you’ll see it most usually utilized. 

These advantages have prompted laser-based cutting being utilized in various businesses, including the car, aviation, hardware, semiconductor, and clinical enterprises. 

The primary use of a laser machine explained extensively in this article. This is the process of cutting shapes to create smaller sizes, pieces, or more complex ways. The laser cutter is a highly accurate process, thanks to this high level of control that you are offered. Thanks to this, slits with a width as small as 0.1mm can be achieved when using the process.

Think laser cutting is the correct procedure for you? 

In case you’re keen on cutting with a laser after what you’ve perused above, or you have more inquiries, at that point, we would be glad to examine this further.

CO2 vs. Fiber Laser Technology: Which is right for you?

There is a considerable debate going in the manufacturing circles about laser funs, insisting CO2 was the better technology. Other users say the innovations of fiber laser cutting machine are the best. But who is right? Which laser technology is the best? How does it affect the user’s bottom line?

Are you looking to cut metal? Fiber laser is the best in this case. To cut organic material such as wood, textiles, and cardboard, a CO2 laser comes in handy. For either material such as plastic or rubber either laser can be used entirely. Metal requires high-power continues wave that can only be provided by fiber laser cutters. See more!

CO2 vs. Fiber Laser, which is better?

The determinant factor is the wavelength, which dictates ten types of material each laser can process. Fiber laser has a wavelength of 1060 nm, while CO2 laser engravers are 10,600 nm range. This means fiber lasers offer CO2 lasers moreover.

Fiber laser cutting machine

The technology is used for high-contrast markings on metal-annealing, etching, and engraving.  The equipment is designed to produce small focal diameter that results in up to 100 times higher than that of a CO2 laser system. This makes the ideal equipment choice for permanent marking of serial numbers, data matrix, and barcodes on metal.

They’re widely used for product traceability and identification application. You should buy a fiber laser if you’re looking to cut the cost; maintenance-free and long service life. The machine is smaller than CO2, electric efficiency of fiber lasers, a considerable cost saving for application cutting.

Fiber laser cutting machine used has been drastically growing in demand for industrial cleaning applications such as paint, oxide and rust removal. The cost of the equipment depends on your application-with industrial fiber laser quiet expensive, while small scale fiber leaser usages are cheaper.

CO2 Lasers

Co2 laser marking is used for a wide range of non-metallic material, with application in pharmaceutical and food packaging, PVC pipes, building material, among others.

CO2 Lasers is best for cutting thicker materials by delivering faster initial piercing times and quicker straight-line cutting. You can also use them for mother surface finish when cutting material above 5 mm.

The technology uses more power than fiber lasers, ending with a higher cost of operation. The cost of CO2 lasers is less than fiber lasers, which profoundly influence the price.

The Bottom Line

The debate between CO2 lasers vs. Fiber laser technology is slowly fading from the industry.

Although each laser has its strength and distinct use cases, C02 is the older technology costing less but high end cost. Fiber lasers are gaining much strength, fast in the technology market. Fiber laser cutting machine operating costs are low due to the speed benefit which is 3 to 4 greater throughput compared to CO2 lasers. The financial gain that can be achieved using fiber lasers is indeed game-changing. For more information visit: https://www.forbes.com/2008/03/07/rofin-sinar-laser-pf-ii-in_sr_0307soapbox_inl.html#3b186a713fbd



Fiber lasers are the best, achieving better results in thicker materials, quickly eliminating the arguments against fiber laser technology. The laser light source is on a different wavelength, delivering that wavelength over a specifically tuned fiber optic cable. This new capability, buffered by lower investment costs, promises a bright future for Fiber laser cutting machine.



CO2 Laser Engraver Safety

A CO2 laser engraver is a wonderful machine to use. This has the ability to be used on an industrial scale or for personal projects at home, and it’s such a wonderful tool to use. Anyone who wants to finish a DIY project with a special engraving will absolutely find the laser engravers to be an ideal prospect. However, have you used one of these machines before? Do you know how to stay safe during the engraving? Why don’t you read on and find out a few safety procedures you may need to take before using the machine.

Make Sure There Is No Damage to the Machine

First and foremost, take a close look at the machine; does it have any signs of damage to it? What about the power cord, is it in one piece or does it look tired and worn out? You have to carry out an inspection of the machine before you use it, otherwise you might end up with a nasty shock. Safety comes in all forms and you have to make sure the laser engraver machine is safe to use. If you find any problems you can hopefully fix them. It’s all about keeping you safe and it prevents minor accidents from occurring.

Don’t Leave the Machine Unattended and Keep It Clean

It doesn’t matter if you think the machine is safe, you cannot leave it unattended while it’s running. It’s dangerous and irresponsible. What happens if an animal or a child got into the room and they got injured? You wouldn’t want that to happen and in truth, it’s just not smart to leave the room while the laser engraver is running. If you have to leave the room, switch the machine off first. It may help prevent an injury from occurring. When it comes to maintenance you have to ensure you remove any debris from the machine after every use. It will help to prevent any problems from occurring as a result of the debris. Click here for more information.

Check To Ensure the Materials Being Used Are Safe For the Machine

Let’s be honest, you might think the CO2 laser engraver machine can handle any material and that you can engrave plastics and all sorts of metals, but that might not be the case. Not every material is safe to use within the engraving machine and you have to be careful. If a non-approval material is used with the machine, it could cause damage to the machine and potentially break whatever the material is also. What is more, the machine might be broken beyond repair. You have to be careful and cautious.

Stay Safe Whilst Using the Machine

Laser engravers are not particularly difficult to use, and for the most part, you shouldn’t have any issues with them. However, that doesn’t mean to say you still shouldn’t take notice of safety precautions. When you know a few safety procedures you can hopefully keep the machine in good shape and prevent any injury from occurring. A laser engraver is a fantastic machine to use but you have to be careful before, during and after its use.

Fiber laser machine ensures lowest price for sheet metal cutter


McAuley Engineering is part into two divisions of generally earn back the original investment with turnover. One is precision laser cuttingand CNC tube winding, famously for the plane business, as Bombardier Aerospace and Thompson Aerospace are customers. The oil, gas, and power age adventures are additional market parts that the association supplies, from the North Sea to Nigeria, Brazil, and the Far East.

Essential Beneficiaries

The vehicle and essentialness adventures are the essential recipients of the association’s sheet metal parts and manifestations, as welding and assembling are transforming into an indispensable bit of its business. The parts can be found on the well knownRoutemaster transports in London, similarly as in the business haulage and rail undertakings in the UK, Ireland, Far East, and US. All out crushing and screening has starting late been added to the summary of endeavors gave.


Both the exactness machining and make sides of the business sprang from the association’s failure in the late 1990s at the continuousness of outside subcontract suppliers and the variable-quality parts they gave when they started fabricating machinery for the equipment business. The association could give much better organization in-house, and after a short time dropped machinery manufacture to concentrate on subcontract machining organizations to industry. They obtained two punch presses in 2003 and 2005 for cutting and profiling fragments in sheet up to 2.5 × 1.25 and 4mm thick. Following three years, they got a plasma cutting machine for conveying fragments from 8 × 2m stock. Consistently, there was more noteworthy need for higher-speed machining to fabricate throughput, raise forcefulness, and improve cut quality. Regardless, the scalloped appearance of edges that nibbled on the punch presses was a particular issue while conveying fragments for a couple of customers.

Laser Cutting

The game plan was introducing laser cutting advancement. After expansive examination concerning fiber laser cutting machines accessible, the association drove cutting fundamentals at three potential suppliers. The degree of the review included capital theory, just as machine running expenses, for instance, control use, cutting gas use, other consumable costs, and after-bargains advantage. It provoked a BySprint Fiber 3015 as the association’s first laser cutting machine. Normally, 60% of our sheet metal throughput is aluminum, and we in like manner process treated steel and copper,” says supervising boss Jonathan McAuley.

“These keen materials are cut impressively more viably using fiber laser development than on a CO2 laser machine, which framed our getting decision. We frequently profile light checks down to 1mm and a fiber laser is remarkable to be a couple of times faster while getting ready progressively slim materials up to 5mm. Regardless, it was a customer’s 15mm-thick, plasma-cut part that we asked the three potential fiber laser cutting machine suppliers to home and expel of a plate of aluminum.” More details.

Bystronic Machine

“The Bystronic machine not simply made unrivaled edge quality in the snappiest time, yet moreover had programming that was the least complex to present and use,” McAuley says. “The supplier’s PowerCut development extends the thickness of plate that can be cut by about half. We normally process delicate steel up to 25mm thick on the laser and the segment furthermore raises profiling speed for these thicker materials. PowerCut extends cutting utmost in aluminum and tempered steel up to 30mm.”


To ensure that sheet metal is ousted from the cutting locale and replaced with another sheet quickly, the association by and by motorizes its laser cutting by interfacing it with a ByTrans 3015 Extended material amassing and dealing with structure (FIGURE), as they are pushing toward lights-out undertaking in the midst of the night move.

Differences Between Laser Cutting and Engraving

A lot of times laser cutting and engraving are often used interchangeably as they tend to perform similar functions but there are some differences between these two terms. This is because each one of them has their own unique attributes and application which makes them ideal for different projects. It is therefore important to know the differences between these two terms so as to make an informed decision when choosing between the two for your projects.

What is Laser Cutting?

This term is often confused with laser engraving but essentially laser cutting involves the cutting of shapes through materials which can either be plastic or metal. A lot of laser cutting is done with the aid of CO2 lasers; this is because they tend to interact with the material and not the pigment within the materials. Laser cutting can be applied in making signages, leather sectioning, paper cutting, etc. Lasers can cut precise shapes into metal with the use of laser beam machining in ways the traditional machining processes cannot that’s the beauty of lasers.

How Laser Cutting Works

Lasers can cut metal with high temperatures and make complex shapes but how do these lasers work exactly? Well, it starts with the use of two mirrors; a gain medium and a light source. Light enters the gain medium and excites the atoms inside to a higher state after a while the atom would drop back down to the original state to emit a photon. That first photon then creates a chain reaction which makes the other excited atoms emit their photons. Soon we have a bunch of photons bouncing back and forth between these two layers. Since the mirrors do not have a reflectivity of 100% some of the photons will pass through and create a laser; now that is a general concept how lasers work.

Laser Engraving

Engraving is a form of marking which involves the removal of material so as to create depth; this depth can be easily felt by simply running your finger over the surface. Laser engraving is permanent but oxidization can occur when the surface material is removed, this can sometimes lead to undesired result or create the exact result you had in mind. Laser engraving increases the number of fine detail that can be achieved when engraving which makes it perfect for detailed logos, labeling, and inscriptions. Read more.

Difference Between Laser Cutting and Engraving

The major difference between laser cutting and laser engraving is the focal length of the lens on these machines. Laser engraving machines have a shorter lens focal length which gives them a finer spot size. On the other hand, the focal length of the lens on the laser cutting machines are longer which makes them more focus height variations tolerant.

Having a good understanding of these two techniques while looking for a laser machine or a company you want to work with will go a long way to strengthen your interaction with the vendor which would help him meet your needs and expectations.

How to make money with Laser Engraving

You are thinking about beginning your own business, and you are thinking about acquiring a co2 laser engraver. This can be an awesome thought in the event that you know how you can profit with your engraver. There are diverse alternatives that you can consider, and some of them are extremely incredible thoughts. In any case, there are additionally a few thoughts that may cost you a lot of cash to begin. These are some extraordinary thoughts on how you can profit with your laser engraver:

Acrylic rewards and tokens

You will be amazed atthe number of prizes and tokens are getting engraved every last day. Also, the issue is that there isn’t numerous businesses and organizations that can do this in little amounts. This is the place you and your laser engravercome in. You can begin engraving on acrylic rewards and tokens in little amounts or in expansive amounts. This is the immense thing about a high-quality engraver. You can pick the amount you can do on the double.

Scanner tag names

This is outstanding amongst other ways that you can utilize your co2 laser engraver to profit. Standardized identification names are something that each organization and business needs nowadays. Also, getting these standardized identifications engraved can be hard, particularly, if there isn’t an engraving business that can do this sort of engraving.

This is the place you come in. With this engraver, you can have the capacity to etch standardized identification marks and you will be ready to make a colossal accomplishment with this business.

Plastic signs and elastic stamps

Numerous individuals don’t think about that as a co2 laser engraver can etch on plastic signs and elastic stamps. Furthermore, this is the reason such a large number of laser engraver businesses don’t think about this alternative for profiting. In the event that you will incorporate this administration with the various administrations, and you are promoting it accurately, at that point you will have an extraordinary, fruitful business.

Things to consider with the goal that your laser engraving business is fruitful

Indeed, on the off chance that you have the best thoughts for your business, there are several things that you have to recall so your co2 laser engraver business is extremely fruitful and profiting. The principal thing that you should ensure is quality. Nobody needs to pay for something that isn’t high quality.


On the off chance that you have a due date, you ought to likewise ensure that you make that due date. Regardless, this is the main way that you can guarantee that clients will return to your business for any engraving.

There are two or three ways that you can ensure that you are profiting with a laser engraver. These are only two or three things that you can do with your engraver to make some additional money. You ought to likewise recollect that you have to convey a high-quality item constantly, keeping in mind the end goal to truly end up fruitful. On the off chance that you realize that you can profit with a co2 laser engraver, this is something that you truly can consider doing to profit.


Everything You Need to Know About Laser Cutting

When it comes to cutting metal, glass, wood, and other hard exteriors, it is difficult to imagine a beam of light able to keep up with a rotating blade. A traditional beam of light would have a difficult time. That said, a concentrated laser beam creates cutting a breeze.

What Is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is a method in which a laser beam is used to heat a workpiece to the point where the piece is cut with precision. In fact, laser cutting machines embrace a high-powered laser and a computer to direct the laser beam over the material to be cut. From there, the laser beam melts, burns or vaporizes the material along the predetermined cutting line, resulting in a precise and well-cut edge.

Laser Cutting Applications

Laser cutting machines is used by manufacturers, small businesses, amateurs, and schools the same. In general, the common elements suitable for the laser machine include:

Fine non-metallic materials

Paper, most plastics, Mylar stencils, polycarbonate, fabrics, the wood of up to .04 inches and also thin acrylics may be cut with an average power laser of 150 watts (maximum power of 450 watts).

Thicker non-metallic materials

You will need a laser with an average power of between 250 watts to 500 watts (up to 1500 watts maximum power) to cut thick non-metallic materials, such as thicker plastics and wood up to an inch thick. On the whole, lower power lasers will have to work harder to prepare the same cut. And this moderates the cutting speed and can cause extreme heat, damage or chemical changes to the Heat Affected Zone.

Metallic materials

In general, metallic materials require higher power lasers (between 150 watts and 1,000 watts (up to 2500 watts maximum power). A few thin metals can be cut with 150-watt lasers when oxygen-assist gas is used, such as stainless steel or cold rolled steel.

Laser cutting is generally used to cut any number of items from a variety of materials, such as watch faces, puzzles, metal tags, machinery parts and components, patterns, packaging, signs, leather upholstery pieces and more.

Advantages of Laser Cutting

The laser cutting machine provides a lot of benefits over other types of cutting. Not only can you cut a variety of materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics, metal, and leather, the laser is tremendously accurate. Just the once a pattern is programmed into the laser cutter, it can constantly cut particular copies of the pattern on the workpiece after the workpiece. On the other hand, the edges cut with laser are usually clean. In addition to cutting items, the laser can similarly cut small, highly detailed holes with great edge quality.

In the end, the laser beams do not wear out because of cutting, which brings about in less strain on the cutting equipment. The laser cutting machines has reached the age of majority and has proven to be a reliable and advantageous alternative to other cutting processes.

How can you profit from laser engraving?

Laser engraving is when you use a laser (electric) to leave a mark on an material that otherwise would not be possible to, like metal, hard plastics. In recent times, it’s become greatly profitable to do laser engravings on jewelry and semi-precious stones. So you’ve read the last article, advising about buying the best laser engraver. It’s now time to start using it. So how can you make money from laser engravings? Here are tips and trade secrets to help you get a leg up in the lucrative business.

How is the laser engraving done?

Nowadays it can be done in the comfort of your own home! You can use a CO2 laser engraver machine like the Epilog Laser. Using a similar technology to a printer, a CO2 laser beams a design onto the desired material and engraves or cuts into it.

The laser is a CO2 laser cutter, typically between 30 to 120 watts in power. There are a wide variety of engraving materials one can choose including wood, acrylic, plastic, glass, leather, fabric, metal and ceramics. The materials a laser cutter machine can cut include wood, denim, plastic and leather.

How can you profit from CO2 laser engraving?

A lot of industries require precise cutting and engraving. Look at industries that require name badges and plaques. Sports associations, service-driven companies like airlines and transport hubs need name badges and plaques in metal and plastics. Simply offering your services to a small sports club or small franchise requiring a number of items to be engraved can help you rake in lots of money.

Industries that require barcodes also need CO2 laser engraving and cutting. Shops, restaurants, airports, gas stations and more would benefit from your CO2 laser engraver. Even just going to your local parking lot and offering your services can be beneficial.

Wood is often a difficult material to cut accurately, even with a chisel. The vertical fibers often make an engraving look more splintered than it should. No longer with your CO2 laser cutter! You can offer your services to vineyards and wineries who often use wood for their casks and promotional gift sets. You can also offer your services to cheese factories or other food manufacturers who require laser prints or stamps on their food.

Steel products and objects are often difficult due to their durable qualities which means they will wear down the material intended to engrave on the steel surface! No longer, with the CO2 laser engraver. Because it uses electricity and laser, it is almost burnt onto its services.


CO2 laser cutters are used in a variety of ways by engraving or etching on a pattern or design onto materials that previously would have been difficult to engrave, like metal and wood. Many industries can use your CO2 laser engraving like food and beverages, services, sports associations and more.


What Can You Do with laser cutter machines and laser engraver machines?

There has been a great use of lasers for different purposes. Some of the types of lasers that are available in the market most commonly CO2 lasers, and fiber lasers. Each are quiet flexible but at the same time have different purposes and uses. The work is performed by the use of laser cutter machines and laser engraver machines.   We utilize our machine shop for CNC and laser equipment.   Our technicians are more than capable to help you conceptualize, innovate and bring to life an affordable manufacturing solution that stays in budget.

What are laser cutter machines?

The laser is being used for many purposes. One of the purposes and maybe the coolest things to watch a laser do is cut material.  The cutting is performed with the aid of powerful light being emitted from a power source or ‘laser tube’. The laser cutter machines perform this work with the aid of different processes. Some of these processes include vaporizing cutting, thermal stress cracking, reactive cutting, melt and blow and stealth dicing of silicon wafers.

Efficacy of laser cutter machines

The efficacy of laser cutter machines depends on its power and speed. Te another variable that affects its efficacy is the thickness of the material that is needed to be cut. The new laser cutter machine available in the market has a repeatability of 5 micrometers and accuracy of positioning as 10 micrometers.

Laser engraver machines

The laser engraving is the art of imposing writings and images on different surfaces. This work is performed with the aid of Laser engraver machine. The laser from the laser engraver machine is emitted as a beam via a controller. The controller controls direction, speed, intensity, and spread of the beam.

What is CO2 laser engraver?

The CO2 laser engraver is the lasers which use CO2 for its working and is used for engraving of various materials like plastic, wood, ceramics, or commonly referred to as organic materials.  These lasers are growing in demand with hobbyist and industrial shops across the world.  They’re used in various industries from metal fabrication and auto to sign and wood working businesses.  Many artists find great uses for designing materials by using a laser cutter according to Boss Laser.

CO2 lasers have the advantage of being highly efficient and have the best beam in quality. They usually have the wavelength of 10.6 micro meters. This can be used on various materials mostly the nonmetallic and even on plastics. Provide smooth engraving edges on the materials.

Fiber lasers

These are of course lasers which are also known as seed lasers. The laser that is generated is amplified with the aid of glass fiber. They have 1000 times more intensity than CO2 lasers and a much smaller spot size.  They are more efficient with marking or cutting metal up to a certain thickness.

Fiber laser cutting machine

The fiber laser cutting machine is another laser cutter machine that can cut any material with neatness. They use fiber lasers for the performance of the work of cutting. Fiber laser cutting machines are highly efficient and are getting famous for producing small spot size which makes them ideal for cutting of reflective materials like aluminum, copper, or brass.  But, fiber technology has also been used on dark acrylics.

Retailers of laser engraver machines and laser cutter machines

Some of the retailers who deal in the provision of quality laser engraver machines are given below:

  • Trumpf
  • Trotec
  • Epilog lasers
  • Boss Laser
  • Universal Laser
  • LaserPro
  • Gravograph
  • HPC lasers
  • Foba Laser
  • CTR lasers

The laser cutter machines and laser engraver machines are widely used in different fields. They provide the fine, intricate work which is not possible with other tools such as CNC router. Fiber laser cutting machines are found to be most efficient with etching and cutting metals.

Taking a Deeper Look at Laser and Plasma Cutting Machines

Taking a Deeper Look at Laser and Plasma Cutting Machines

When you are in the process of deciding that your business needs to have a new laser cutter, you might need to work out whether or not you are going to buy the laser cutter or if you need to consider the plasma cutting machine. Both these machines can be great, but it is essential to make sure that you are buying the one that is best for your business and which one the business actually can afford. Here is more information about the two types of cutting machines, so that you can decide which one is best for you:

The plasma cutting machine

Most people are choosing the plasma cutting machine simply because this is actually a portable cutting machine that can be carried around where you might need it. This is one of the main differences between the plasma and the laser cutter.

Because the machine is portable, it is much easier to carry the machine where the work needs to be done, and even to maintenance when maintenance on the machine is needed.

There are also many different types of materials that you can use on this machine for cutting. The materials that you can use this machine on include: aluminum, stainless steel and other metals. If you need to know more you can click here.  There are a couple of downsides that you need to know about the plasma cutting machine before you decide to purchase the machine. You will find many information with pros and cons on the Internet.

If production is depending on the plasma cutter, and you want to ensure that as much metal is being cut as possible, then the plasma cutter might not be the best option to choose.

Laser cutters

The laser cutters are large cutting machines that are large and heavy and that can’t be moved around. This is normally machines that are best in larger companies where large metal needs to be cut, and where the plasma cutter can’t function correctly.

There are two main types of laser cutters that you can choose from. You can choose between the CO2 laser cutter and the fiber laser cutting machine.

Both these different types of laser cutters are used for precision cutting every time on the same type of metal and the same thickness without any problems. Also, visit this link:http://www.huoyu360.com/770/taking-a-deeper-look-at-plasma-and-laser-cutting-machines.html here. These machines are also popular in larger factories where speed is essential for better production. The laser cutters are fast, but still accurate.

The materials that you can use on the laser cutting machines can be actually any type of material. The laser cutter is giving more material options that the plasma cutter. Another reason why companies are choosing the laser cutting machine over the plasma cutter.  If looking for a laser cutter find FS Laser reviews.  They are out of Las Vegas, Nevada.  They do not sell plasma cutters that I am aware of, however.

Choosing between the laser cutter and the plasma cutter isn’t as hard and complicated as what many people might think. This is because these machines are so different. The plasma cutting machine is great for smaller jobs, and the machine is portable and can be carried around. While the laser cutters are larger and not portable at all, and is great for fast and precision cutting.